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Pre-health Profession Programs

Pre-health Profession Programs

Our University is the destination for those who want to achieve, learn and excel. Nowhere will you find this to be truer than in our Pre-Health Profession Programs, and we have a special advisement office just for those students.

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For Prospective SIU Carbondale Students
ChemistyHealth programs are available at the undergraduate and the graduate level. Students interested in nursing, health care management, mortuary science, and radiological sciences can complete these as their undergraduate major. If you are interested in medicine (both allopathic and osteopathic), dentistry, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, podiatry, public health or veterinary medicine, then you will complete a bachelor’s degree and then apply to these programs. It’s best to choose an undergraduate major that you have both an interest and aptitude! Not every graduate program is offered at SIU, but students can take their prerequisites and prepare to apply to these programs while completing their undergraduate degree at SIU.  SIU School of Medicine’s presence on the Carbondale campus benefits our pre-health students as faculty are cross-appointed with the SIU science faculty and teach upper level physiology classes.  Please see our Pre-Health Profession Programs handbook.

What are my chances of getting in my program if I come to SIU?
Many prospective students are curious about what percentages of applicants are admitted to health graduate programs. In a typical year, about 70-75% of our students who apply to professional school are admitted to professional school. SIU offers the resources of a large university along with advisory services to keep you on track and focused on your career goal. Here you will find opportunities for undergraduate research, a broad variety of student activities, and an atmosphere that is conductive to learning.

Services for pre-health students

The pre-health advisor is happy to meet with prospective students and their families.  Meeting with this advisor (yes, even non-science majors), is possible at one of the many open houses scheduled throughout the year on campus, or you can schedule an appointment through the College of Science Advisement (618-536-2147).  For more information, please see Pre-Health Professions Programs advisement.