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Created by the Board of Trustees in 1972, the College of Science has grown from six departments to nine fully enriched academic programs, as well as several other customized learning opportunities. Relationships among students, faculty and staff continue to propel the College of Science forward as it prepares students for the myriad careers in science available today.

College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences Historical Timeline

The following timeline was developed by one of our retired deans, Jim Tyrrell, with updates by the college webmaster regarding our reqorganization:

1972: Board of Trustees passed a resolution at the November 17 meeting to establish the College of Science. The new college was to be in operation as of January 1, 1973. This followed a memorandum from the Chair of each of the six Science departments in July 1972 requesting consideration of a separate College of Science. The six departments constituting the College were, Botany, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geology, Physiology, Physics and Astronomy and Zoology. In January 1973 the Department of Microbiology also transferred from Liberal Arts to the College of Science. Dr Elbert Hadley (Chemistry and Biochemistry) who had served as Associate Dean with responsibility for the Science departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Science was appointed as the Dean of the College.

1974: John Guyon then Chair of the Chemistry department at Memphis State University was hired as Dean of the College.

1976: John Guyon moved to Graduate School as Dean and Vice-President for Research. James Bemiller (Chemistry and Biochemistry) was appointed Interim Dean. William Dyer (Zoology) appointed Associate Dean for Instruction

1977 : Norman Doorenbos, then at University of Mississippi was hired as Dean of the College.

1982: Department of Physiology moves from College to School of Medicine. However undergraduate programs in Physiology remain under the College.

1983: Norman Doorenbos Leaves to join University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire as Vice-Chancellor.

1984: Russell Dutcher(Geology) appointed Dean. John Yopp (Botany) appointed Associate Dean for Research.

1986 :Department of Mathematics transfers from Liberal Arts to the College of Science.

1986: John Yopp moves to Graduate School as Dean

1990: Department of Computer Science transfers from Liberal Arts to the College of Science.

1990 Department of Botany changes name to Department of Plant Biology

1992: Biochemistry Faculty in Chemistry and Biochemistry transferred the Department of Medical Biochemistry in the School of Medicine.

1993: Russell Dutcher retires.

1993: Jack Parker (Microbiology) appointed Dean of the College.

2000:  Worthen Hunsaker(Mathematics)moves from Associate Dean for Budget and Personnel to position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. James Staub (Geology) appointed to replace him.

2001: James Staub appointed Interim Associate Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. James Tyrrell(Chemistry and Biochemistry) appointed Interim Associate Dean for Budget and Personnel.

2002: James Tyrrell appointed Associate Dean for Budget and Personnel.

2002: William Dyer retires.

2005: Ph.D. in Applied Physics approved.

2006: Ph.D. in Computer Science approved.

2006: December 15 Jack Parker retires.

2006: James Tyrrell appointed Interim Dean.

2007: Lori Vermeulen (Chemistry and Biochemistry) appointed Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs. George Cotton hired as Associate Director for Development. Lori Vermeulen leaves to take position of Dean of Arts and Sciences at Westchester University.

2007: July 1 Jay Means then at Western Michigan University hired as Dean. James Tyrrell reverts to position of Associate Dean for Budget and Personnel before retiring August 2007.

2008: Laurie Achenbach (Microbiology) appointed Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and Karen Renzaglia (Plant Biology) as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

2012: Jay Means appointment as Dean ends and Laurie Achenbach appointed as Interim Dean.

2012:  Laurie Achenbach is confirmed as Dean.

2013: Scott Ishman confirmed as Associate Dean.

2017: Laurie Achenbach retired and Scott Ishman appointed Interim Dean.

2017: Boyd Goodson appointed as Associate Dean.

2017: Administration anounces plans to possibly restructure.

2019: The Department of Geology and Department of Geography combine to create the School of Earth Sciences and Sustainability.

2020: The Departments of Plant Biology, Microbiology and Zoology combine to create the School of Biological Sciences.

2020: The Departments of Mathematics and Computer Sciences are reorganized into the College of Engineering

2020: The College of Science combines with the Colllege of Agricultural Sciences rebranding into the The College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences