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Eric Brevik


Eric Brevik

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Dr. Brevik is the Dean of the College of Agricultural, Life, and Physical Sciences. He is a Professor in the Schools of Agricultural Sciences and Earth Systems and Sustainability. His research interests include human impacts on the soil resource, the use of soils to address questions in geomorphology, science education, and soil science history.

Boyd Goodson

Associate Dean

Dr. Goodson is the Interim Associate Dean of the college and a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Julie Virgo

Business Manager

Julie Virgo

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Terrance Bishop

Recruitment and Retention Specialist

Terrance is the Coordinator for Student Success and Transition for the Life and Physical Sciences. He is originally from Denver, Colorado. Terrance holds B.S. degrees in Chemical and Biomedical engineering and a M.S. in Bioengineering all from Colorado State University. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about Science at SIU!

Jacob Halter

Account Technician



Elizabeth Saunders, M.S.

Health Professions Advisor

Liz Saunders


Elizabeth holds a B.S. (Environmental Biology) from Marshall University, a B.A. (English) from the University of Kentucky, and a M.S. (Plant Biology) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She worked previously as a science writer and editor at the Field Museum and Brookfield Zoo in the Chicago area. She has taught courses in biology, ecology, human anatomy and physiology, and environmental science at Eastern Kentucky University, John A. Logan College, Mineral Area College, and Truman University. She has been advising pre-health and science students for 10 years.