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Doctoral Degrees

Our faculty as teachers, mentors, researchers, and co-authors will partner with and help guide you to the highest level of academic degree.


Come immerse yourself in a quality, interdisciplinary, research program that focuses on critical issues of interest to you in agricultural sciences and related fields.


Research by our faculty members enjoys external support from a variety of agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, NASA, the American Cancer Society, and the Dreyfus Foundation. Our work covers experimental and theoretical research in Analytical, Biochemistry, Materials, Organic, and Physical chemistry.  Many of our research programs focus on interdisciplinary areas of materials and bio-related research.  We welcome you to come see what we have to offer.

Environmental Resources and Policy

The doctoral program in Environmental Resources and Policy (ERP) provides interdisciplinary training at the intersection of environmental science and policy. Our students received advanced education and training in the physical, biological, and social processes that underlie contemporary environmental problems, such as those associated with natural resources, environmental hazards, and environmental quality.


We have two doctoral programs: Geosciences and Environmental Resources & Policy.  Geosciences' primary goal is to develop a student capable of successfully conducting original research and the presentation of an acceptable dissertation describing the results, analysis, and implications of that research.  Environmental Resources and Policy provides advanced inter-disciplinary training and research on physical, biological, and social processes responsible for natural resource and environmental problems facing contemporary society.


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is offered through the Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry graduate program (MBMB). With a diverse and experienced faculty spanning the Carbondale and Springfield campuses, the MBMB program offers a wide selection of course and research options to prepare you for a successful and rewarding career.


The Department of Physics offers graduate work leading to the Ph.D. in applied physics. This unique program provides many research opportunities within the department, offering students a wide choice of specific areas of study. A low student-to-faculty ratio allows students to work closely with top notch faculty engaged in cutting edge research. 

Plant Biology

The Department of Plant Biology offers a doctoral program that confers a Ph.D. in Plant Biology to graduate students who complete a course of study designed specifically for the student by their advisory committee and a dissertation research project that is accepted by the Department.  Students have the opportunity to concentrate their doctoral program in ecology.


The Zoology Department’s Master of Science program emphasizes research training and advanced coursework in ecology and ecosystem studies, environmental toxicology, evolutionary genetics and population biology, fisheries and aquatic conservation, or wildlife ecology and management.