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Prospective Students

The College of Agricultural, Life, and Physical Sciences is where brains and curiosity meet to discover new frontiers, investigate matters, and determine the future of the world. As a top-tier research university, with the heart of a small college, students learn from and partner with some of the smartest and most driven faculty in the nation, which means that you will not only be fully prepared to conquer any challenge, but more importantly, you will become a leader in your field and help determine where science will go.

In addition to becoming part of a college where hands-on research opportunities are a critical part of the way you learn and grow, we encourage students to take their studies further, possibly to a foreign country with Study Abroad or to a higher level with University Honors program. We also hope that you will be involved in many Registered Student Organizations, especially those not directly involved with your major, as it will broaden your perspective. Finally, the University’s Saluki First Year program will ensure that your integration into SIU is as smooth as possible.

Got the Momentum? Apply Now

Even though we know science majors are general great at math, we created a tuition and fees calculator to help estimate, just in case. In addition, check out the Border StateSouthern Stars, and Legacy alternate tuition rates. Once you’ve checked all of this, Financial Aid early to take a load off your mind.