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Email Tips

Email Tips

The current campus email is hosted in the "cloud" via Microsoft's Office365.  I'm sure there are a number of help pages in the Salukitech Website so I won't duplicate the effort here.  I will, however, add tidbits I've found over time regarding creating and maintaining accounts:

Mail can be checked using a browser at  Sign in using either your email address or siu85xxxxxxx and NetID password.

Auto-reply:  Auto-replies are managed by the user and can only be accessed via their web interface, not Outlook or any other mail client.  Log in, click on the gear in the upper right of the browser window and select Automatic Replies.

Clutter: Office365 moves email that you typically don't open and those it deems spam into the Clutter folder.  You can turn off the Clutter service only from the web interface.  Click on the Gear and in Search All Settings, type clutter.  You can simply turn it on or off.

Phones:  I've found the easiest mail client to configure is the Outlook app available to most all phone makes/models.  Basically all you have to do is tell the app you want to configure an Office365 account, put in your address and it will auto-configure.  It will then ask for your password. If you have any problems configuring your phone, feel free to stop by and we'll take a look.

Email addresses are now automatically created based on first/dot/last name @  There is a process to set your "Preferred name", a chance to swap Tom for Thomas or Bill for William on your login screen.  It also lets you change your email.  Go to Salukinet.  In the upper right, select "Log in" and authenticate with your SIU network ID and password.  Then, in the search box at the top, search for "preferred name" for the app used to request these changes.