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What do you think of when you think about Physics? You may know that Physics is the most fundamental of the natural sciences, sometimes referred to as the study of nature.  Most people can name a few Physicists such as Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, or Sir Isac Newton. Did you know that without the study of Physics, we would not have many modern conveniences such as computers, microwave ovens, electronics, cell phones, and GPS to name a few? 

What are Physicists?  They are problem solvers.  They work in an extremely diverse field including education, engineering, medicine, research, law, and investment banking.  If you’re considering law school or medical school, have you looked at what undergraduate major has the highest average scores* on the LSAT exam, and ties for the highest combined scores on the MCAT?  Physics majors are very well prepared for several different employment opportunities or advanced fields of study.

What makes the SIU Carbondale Physics program different from other schools is the research intensive atmosphere.  All faculty in the department are research active in a variety of fields of study. All students in SIU Physics have the opportunity to actively participate in research through our diverse and well-funded research program. If you’re a student just starting out with an interest in Physics, we encourage you to get your feet wet in the field by trying a class and looking at our four undergraduate degree specializations in  General Physics, Material Science / Nanophysics, Computational Physics, and Biomedical Physics.  Degrees in physics provide excellent opportunities for high-paying jobs with very low* unemployment rates. 

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